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11 Real Estate Influencers Agents Should Be Following

The world of real estate can get competitive, so it’s crucial for agents to understand what their peers are doing—particularly the most successful among them. If you’re looking to dominate your local real estate market, here are 11 thought leaders you need to follow on social media right away.  Tom Ferry View this post on… Read more »

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The Best Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors – What the Data Say

Updated May 5, 2021 There is no shortage of advice available to financial advisors and broker-dealers about how to market their businesses. I’ve seen advice ranging from sending birthday and holiday cards to hiring a marketing firm or consultant whose expertise is working with financial services professionals. But if you’re a new advisor who’s only… Read more »

Top 15 Holiday Recipes to Share with Clients

Top 15 Holiday Recipes to Share with Clients

As Andy Williams memorably sang, it’s the most won-der-ful tiiiime of the yeeeear! If you’re a service-based sales professional, the holiday season is the perfect time to grow awareness of your business. That’s because the people in your database are going to be gathering with loved ones at countless events over the coming weeks—from Christmas… Read more »

Embracing Changes in Your Real Estate Business

There are many reasons you may choose to make changes to your existing real estate business. Maybe you’re moving to a new city for a family commitment or as a precursor to retirement. Maybe you’re changing up your niche because of diminishing returns in your current business model. Whatever the reason for a shift in… Read more »

Top 20 Seasonal Home Blogs to Share with Clients

Top 20 Seasonal Home Blogs to Share with Clients

When you’re a real estate agent looking to stay top of mind with your clients and sphere, social media is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. By regularly sharing relevant and useful content, you can increase appreciation for your business among clients, while gently nudging prospects in the direction of wanting to… Read more »

5 Tips New Luxury Agents Need for Marketing Luxury Homes

You don’t tell people you’re the best. You reveal it. According to Tim Seifert, SVP and head of annuity sales at Lincoln Financial Distributors, 50% of affluent consumers are brand neutral.[1] Let me repeat that . . . HALF of all affluent consumers are brand neutral. This means affluent clients are as likely to keep… Read more »

New Year, New You: Rethink Your Business in 2022

New year’s resolutions seem to go in and out of fashion, but it’s always a good idea to spend some time planning at the beginning of a new year. If it has been a while since you sat down and formulated a plan for your business—or if you have spent the past couple of years… Read more »


How to Market Luxury Real Estate to High-End Clients

What makes marketing to high-net-worth individuals, very high-net-worth individuals, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs, VHNWIs, and UHNWIs) such a challenge is that these elite groups of people are both like and not like those of us who have normal jobs. Now, granted, they’re more unlike the majority of us, but the similarities are worth considering. Luxury… Read more »

More Ways New Real Estate Agents Can Get Leads for Free

This is Part 2 in a series about lead generation for new real estate agents. You can get leads for free from more places and in more ways than you might have thought possible. This time, we go digital with Facebook. Like any new real estate agent, I remember what it was like to be… Read more »

How Getting a New Puppy is Like Starting a New Career

Just recently my husband and I brought a new puppy into our lives. This is Rubble, an 11-week English Cream Retriever. While he’s undoubtedly adorable (I may be a little biased), these past few weeks have been particularly trying on our fresh marriage and lives as a whole. A few nights ago, while lying in… Read more »

Fall Recipes

Top 15 Fall Recipes to Share with Your Clients

Clients will connect with you on social media when they like what you have to say. But just because they’re following you, that doesn’t mean they want to constantly be bombarded with posts about your business. In order to maintain a meaningful relationship that results in more transactions down the line, you need to offer… Read more »